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Officine Italia is an Italian company specialized in bespoke products made exclusively with Italian fabrics; the apparels are made by an Italian local workforce with a traditional tailoring know-how.

Customized products are different from the industrial product in terms of quality of production, personalisation and comfort.

A high quality product, authentically “Made in Italy”, not only each stage of manufacture is done in Italy; but also the fabrics, from the double-twisted yarn for the shirt to the silk twill for the ties, areItalian, high quality, created by the leading companies of textiles.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers with a tailored products, haute couture and affordable, giving our clients greater flexibility in creating their own product.

The advantage of buying an Officine Italia product is the complete freedom to create your own shirt and your own ties by choosing from thousands of combinations.

In this way your shirt, created by experienced personnel, will be unique, an object that will bring out your style and elegance.

From an article of italian journal “Corriere della sera” by Tommaso Labranca The English writer Violet Tresfuis observes: “The male coquetry is very common in Italy, it is necessary that the white shirt must be impeccable, the beard done daily, the hair properly in order”.

The white shirt is the real symbol of the Italian unity. Men and women, right and left, old and young, North and South, from the aristocracy members to the peasants who go to mass on Sunday, the white shirt is present in each closet.