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Bespoke Ties


To have beposke ties provides the opportunity to you to choose the fabric, the length, width, and especially the folds that your tie will have to have.

It starts with a classic 3 folds tie, then goes on to the beautiful 7 folds, to conclude with exclusive 11 folds tie.

The Tie's fabric is cut by hand in order to perfectly center the drawing of the silk, furthermore the tie is stapled to have a perfect closing and the tie is sewn by hand.

We are proud to offer hundreds of design, all of a very fine quality, in silk twill, raso, jacquard, linen, cotton and wool; the choice will be only according to exacltly your taste and the occasion for which you will wear a tie.

The opportunity to have some options such as pocket inside to put some medicine, an entry pass or credit cards or to have your initials embroidered inside the tie, or having your logo if you wish to have a corporate ties are other possibilities of personalization to your tie and is an authentic example of crasftmanship.


if you are tall up tp 185 cm. we suggest a tie long 150 cms.

If you are tall between 185 cm and 1.95 we suggest a tie long 154 cms.

if you are taller then 195 cm, we suggest a tie long 160cms.

All the measuraments do not take into consideration body shape, weigt and the tie's knots you usually wear.