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Bespoke Shirts & Fabrics


Officine Italia's shirts are manufactured in an artisanal way, tailored and created by an Italian local workforce with an ancient tradition of tailoring.

You can wear a shirt for work as for recreational occasions; shirts can be simple, white, almost anonymous or a colored shirt, possibly striped or flowered throughout, but the only thing that will differentiate the shirts are the fabrics used and their manufacture, these are certainly the distinction of a made to measure shirt by one made in a mass production.

The shirts are the main object of a male wardrobe; so, the shirt should be not only comfortable but also an expression of your being and character.
Over the years with globalization and the shift of the manufacturing sector abroad, in Italy as a bit all over, it has been noted a difference between qualities and prices in the apparel industry.

Officine Italia proposes high quality shirts made in Italy with the best fabric but on the other hand we are trying to content prices for demanding customers more careful to the quality then to the quantity.

So, for us, a price must be justified by a good product and vice versa.

The challenge

How do we contain costs, leaving the manufacturing in Italy and focusing on quality?

The answer is internet, the network; instead of undergoing globalization we are trying to use it in our favor.

Officine Italia, through the website, seeks to make accessible to a broad public and potential customers, the products that were previously targeted to a small number of people.

With Internet, the made to measure producers have found another way to present their products to their customers, using distribution channels that were missing in the past. Small producers and artisans are having the possibility of direct contact with potential buyers.

Internet is a window in which to present products and apparels, without rely only to those traditional channels that the used to attracted just the local consumers.
Naturally the made to measure garment has been of the attention of a very demanding customers.

The experience of buying online

How many times happened to go into a store to buy a shirt and not be able to know the true quality of the textile and its producer.

How many times it has been questioned the quality of a manufacture. Can we compare new Asian producers with the Italians tailors, Italian artisans, who have been shirt makers for longer time and have been a reference point for a top quality product? A doubt has risen few times: is this shirt worth the price?

How many times has happened that a fabric that we liked but it was combined with a collar or cuff, or some options which we do not like? Or vice versa we look shirts with option on certain fabrics but we are not able to find?

All these questions have a positive response when you create custom shirts on our site.
Each step for the creation of the shirt and every little detail are chosen by you.
Nothing is taken for granted or left at random, every detail of your choice will make the shirt tailored as a unique shirt.
On our website, the shirts can be made either with the normal sizes and three different fits: comfortable, slim or normal; either you can create custom shirts with your own measurements.

How do you create a custom shirt

Once you have chosen the fit and the measure, we will create the paper pattern, each customer will have its paper pattern for any other future orders. From the paper pattern you will have shaped and tailored your shirts. The fabric, you selected, will be cut by hand, even the collar and cuffs are made to measure, and you can choice how hard you want a collar or the cuffs and its measurements. Furthermore you can ask cuffs of all modes with one or two or even 3 buttons.

This flexibility of creating and customizing a shirts can only be done by craftsmen. The large-scale production can not personalize the shirt for each client. For this reason it is needed a traditional tailoring to create a unique shirt.

Once the various parts of the shirts are cut, they are assembled by sewing machine. The seam which is used it can be changed to your liking, can be at 1 mm from the edge or 3 mm depending on what you prefer.

It is possible to choose among different style: for example, you can opt for a front style with or without placket; with pleats on the back side or with a central one, a pocket on the left or on the right, or maybe two.

Our shirts have two types of manufacturing the classic one with 7 stitches per centimeter with armholes made in English style and the other one, more valuable, the luxury, which not only has 10 stitches per centimeter but it 's all made in English style with 2 mouches (flies) on the side and mother of pearl buttons.

We do not have to forget another important step: the ironing.

The ironing happens throughout the creation of the shirt, stretching the various pieces of cloth that will be part of the shirt, ironing will definitely helps to make a perfect shirt.
But we are not done here yet.

A tailored shirt to be perfect, it must be unique. If all what was mentioned before it is not enough we can still customize further it, some handmade options which you might choose: handmade armholes, bottom holes sewn by hand; bottoms sewn by hand and hand-embroiled initials, hand-embroiled flag, handmade shoulders. All of this can only passionate, as we said at the beginning of the article, who considers the shirt the principal garment of a man's wardrobe: a unique item for any activity of the day.